Fire Pits

Every house Philip has ever lived in has been endowed with a free fire pit. There’s nothing better on a cool fall evening, than having your buddies over to sit arouned the fire and enjoy some adult beverages! We can make that a possibility for you every day of the year. We will do everything […]

Water Features

Do you ever wish that you were able to bring the mountain sounds to your back yard?  We can start by bringing the trickling water from a mountain creek right to you by adding in a nice water feature such as a pond, fountain, creek or even water fall.  Picture it now peaceful water flowing over […]


Have you ever wanted to add a structure to your yard that you can sit near or under?  We can build a beautiful design for your yard and even grow flowers off of them.  From a nice arbor in your garden, so you can sit in shade, to a neat trellis to create a flowery wall. […]

Excavation Services

Ever look at your property and wish that the dirt was completely rearranged?  We can come in with a mini dozer/ excavator and do it for you.  We can provide drainage for water displacement by adding pipe, PVC pop-ups, french drains, grading, dry creek beds, and more. Maybe you want to have a gravel driveway and you […]

Stone Masonry

One of the great parts about Nashville and the surrounding area, is all the beautiful natural stones! We live in an area full of different types of stone that we can incorporate into your landscape to make it look more natural.  We can overlay your existing walls with these stones and match your yard to […]


Even at night we all want to show off our landscapes, so we know how to highlight each and every corner. We can put in any landscape lighting you would like, even automatic ones for the evening. We even have a licensed electrician on call, 24/7, for all those electrical jobs that are out of our […]

Walkways and Paths

You don’t have to go far to have a nice nature stroll, because we can build a pathway right in your backyard.  You can choose a formal path of flagstones to direct someone through your yard, or a natural dirt pathway through your gardens, mulch paths or anything in between.  We want to show off […]


One of our favorite types of projects is a great looking patio!  Patios create a place to relax outdoors and enjoy your beautiful property. Whatever the look that you want to create, we can make it happen with our flagstone patios, paver patios, brick patios, stone patios, or even concrete patio options.  We take the […]

Retaining Walls

Do you have a steep slope that needs leveling, or want to enclose a garden? Then a retaining wall is what you need.  We can build walls out of many different materials, so it depends on what you like. We use heavy blocks, angled stones, offset cinder blocks, stack stone, wood or reinforced concrete frames, all used […]

 Plant Installations

The plants in ones property truly make or break the presentation and curb appeal.  We take the time to help you make the best decision on which plants to use and where are the best places are to plant them.  Whether you want to beef up your current design, or start with a completely fresh slate and […]

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