Fire Pits

Every house Philip has ever lived in has been endowed with a free fire pit. There’s nothing better on a cool fall evening, than having your buddies over to sit arouned the fire and enjoy some adult beverages! We can make that a possibility for you every day of the year. We will do everything for you, first digging a pit, then bringing in large boulders for the outside. In some of the pits we install metal drains, to ensure proper water exit. We’ll even stock you up with firewood any time you want. Just call! For those looking for a more upscale firepit, we’ll even install them in patios. Or out of blocks then faced with stone. And even more upscale, we offer gas firepits as well, that require no wood whatsoever!  Where the flame just comes out of the rocks at the bottom! The sky is the limit on what we can do with your firepit!

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